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Since 2001, Centra-Inochi has been serving the Philippine market by providing high quality batteries at an affordable price for use in automobiles, motorocycles and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems. We work closely with our partners to ensure the reliability and quality of our batteries from manufacturing to deployment. We also pride ourselves in being quick and responsive in resolving after-sales issues.

Centra-Inochi's absorbed glass mat (AGM) valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries are available in many sizes to suit your needs. Our standard batteries come in 12V 5Ah, 12V 7.2Ah, 12V 9Ah, 12V 12Ah, 12V 18Ah, 12V 26Ah, 12V 33Ah, 12V 42Ah, 12V 55Ah, 12V 65Ah, 12V 70Ah, 12V 80Ah, 12V 90Ah, 12V 100Ah, 12V 120Ah, 12V 150Ah and 12V 200Ah. Customers can also request gel-type batteries, front terminal access batteries, deep-cycle batteries and industrial batteries of varying specifications.

Our batteries are manufactured according to Japanese quality standards such that the plates are 100% virgin lead and passed the Quality Certification and ISO 9001 and are produced using pasting production lines, security valves and terminals from Taiwan, electronic components from Japan, lamps from the Netherlands and additive of pole boards from the USA.

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Technical features

  • Sealed construction
  • Electrolyte suspension system
  • Gas generation
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Low pressure valve regulated system
  • Heavy duty grids
  • Cycle service life
  • Float service life
  • Self discharge shelf life
  • Operating temperature
  • Deep discharge recovery